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free space

Freedom is a space that you claim unconditionally for yourself.

He can be real or in your mind and you can visit him at any time.

My paintings are such free spaces.

When looking at a picture, you can fully concentrate on your senses.

You can reflect on the moments that give you good energy

and record them with all their peculiarities.

You feel these moments very clearly.

And when you feel those glimmering moments, pass them on to the picture.

This turns the picture into a memory that can give you the energy again,

when you need them. To a battery charged with mica moments

can be used and stores more and more energy.

The image serves as a reminder and amplifier at the same time.

By remembering moments of happiness, all the senses are focused on positive values

and new connections are made in the brain that reinforce those values.

After a short time, all of this works practically in passing and is thus internalized.

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